Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finally taking that big step...

I'm trying out for Tally Scrapper's Design Team! Yikes! I've always been afraid to try out there cause Tally has soooo many talented artists! But it's a very welcoming place. One that I'm sure will treat, even an average scrapper like me, with welcoming arms! Here are my 3 entries. Hope the girls over there like'em! Make sure you stop by and say HI!

Today you felt grass for the first time!
Lily, when she was a year old and it was finally warm enough to go outside barefooted...Iowa is still very cold in the Spring! April 2007

Close up...I traced around the edges with Martha Stewart's writing Pen! Love her pens! Cut out the "today you.." with my Silhouette SD! Loving this machine!

Also cut out the larger letters, the clouds, grass, thought bubbles, and banners with the Silhouette SD!

Serious Attitude
Tess made this shirt using the heat transfers with my Silhouette machine! Did I tell you this machine rocks? Then I made my title out of the same design she used on her shirt! Isn't that the coolest? She wears the Shirt and the attitude well!

Ornery kinda Love
My best friends husband loves to pick at me unmercifully! Hence, the monsters! And the hearts...well my friend, Wendy tells me that Curt only picks at the people he loves! So I question his love for me! LOL

Journaling: Curt Patterson is the most orneriest man I
have ever known! He is my best friend's husband and he loves to pick & tease me about everything...what I wear, foods I eat, and especially the way I talk! He says that Southerners can't talk right that we make a one syllable words into 3, like the word vehicle! We say VEE-HIC-CLE! I have to laugh cause he is so right! He better be glad I have a sense of humor! Wendy says he only picks at the people he loves...guess he's madly in love with me cause he never stops! Ha ha

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Sassette said...

These layouts ROCK Mikki! Your work is always so beautiful!
Best of luck with your try outs!