Friday, November 12, 2010

Shhh...did you know that there's a Hippity Hop Blog Hop going on this weekend?

Well it's not a secret any longer, now is it? But there is a secret to it. 
Several secrets actually!
What? You ask!
Well you have to hop on over to the first blog to find out.

But if ya gotta know
here's a hint
My layout has all the secrets in it. 
There's 5 of them!
Bet you're wondering what they are ;-)
And you'll find all of  them once 
you hop on over to the 
other participating blogs. 
Bet your just croaking to know!

Now why would you want to find the secrets. Cause there are lots of Prizes to win!!!! 
Let's take a look why don't we...
How 'bout this beautiful mini album? 

 Take a look on the inside! Isn't this amazing! It's a $40 Value! WOW!
and it's from this fabulous company!
Next we have some STAMPS! I love stamps!!! How 'bout you? And these are so cute!

 They're just 2 cute!

And they're from a fabulous Etsy store called 
Gotta love Etsy stores. 
(shhh...I have one too see posts below)

Now just in case you get lost this is what 
you gotta do.
Visit these blogs in order and they will have the recipes. And once you get all 5 ingredients for the recipe remember to post your creation to each blog for a chance to win...5 blogs = 5 winners!

Oh and check this just keeps getting better and better!
This is an extra that scrapFIT is doing... 

scrapFIT is offering a 2nd prize to some lucky hopper that visits all 10 FITgirl's blog and leaves a comment at each one. Once you visit each FITgirl's blog you can leave a comment at scrapFIT saying you hopped around to see all the FITgirls. You can get to each FITgirl's blog by clicking on there picture down the left side of scrapFIT's blog. 

Hop ends on Nov. 14th at 9pm!

Good luck!
Now go get hoppin'!


Amanda L. said...

Awesome layout!

Kelly B Rutherford said...

You go girl. LOVE that blog post and your LO is spooktacular!!!

Kathy said...

Whoa...too funny layout! Love your interpretation of the paint!!! So cute. THanks for a fun hop! said...

Fun LO! Great way to incorporate your journaling! Thanks for the hop!

Jan Garber said...

Congrats on the Etsy store! And loving the hop! Your layout is exactly as it should be- shocking and amazing! Boys, whatcha gonna do!?

Scrapenabler said...

Great layout! I love your take on the sketch.

E. Marie said...

I'm a hoppin'. Great layout.

Nicole Brenna said...

The layout is a little gross but that is what makes it so fun... love the title.... really fun job and thanks for the great hop